I was chatting w a friend about the Joni thing yesterday and he was telling me how spectacular Blue is and how she poured herself into that one. I think there are those albums that are not just beautiful, but are also where the artist digs deep and reveals themselves, while keeping it beautiful. Hmm.. thoughts on male singer-songwriters…. as much as I love Bob Dylan, I’m not sure I’d call even Blood on the Tracks “beautiful”. Yet, Tom Waits has so much beauty in his music – probably why Waits connects with me on a deeper level. 

Continuing this theme, I do listen to women (vocalists) far more than men. IMHO, there is nothing better than an album by a talented woman who follows Joni’s Blue lead…. I came up with ten albums that are like Blue…. Personal and stunning…. I’m sure I forgot some, but these are albums that really left their mark on me.  Please add any of yours. 😬

  • The Story by Brandi Carlile
  • One Moment More by Mindy Smith
  • Burnt Toast and Offerings by Gretchen Peters
  • Who I Am by Alice Peacock
  • Flyer by Nanci Griffith
  • Outside Child by Allison Russell
  • Where It Goes by Lori Carson
  • Sylvia Hotel by Cheryl Wheeler 
  • Cedar + Gold by Tristan Prettyman
  • Low by Angel Snow 

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